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Indian Rock Cave Book Cover

The Adventure Begins

The Legend of Indian Rock Cave is a thrilling adventure that takes Ben Williams and his two children, Jeremy and Brooke, on a quest filled with various dangers as they search for the legendary Indian Rock Cave.

The Legend of Indian Rock Cave

"Jimmy Sites has written an adventure of fantastic imagery, relatable characters, and fast-moving action. How refreshing to follow a family of characters that share such a loving, natural relationship and are led by a strong father. In this day and age where fathers are increasingly absent from their children's lives, it is beautiful to follow this family as the father not only teaches his children about nature, but also about history, faith and family. Jimmy writes with such excellent suspense that it keeps me turning the pages- bit too quickly at times- to see what was going to happen next! The spiritual message and examples of prayer, trusting the Lord, and Scripture are all inviting and well-placed in the story. The illustrations and practical lessonsabout wildlife are superb. Parents and children will love reading this book together, and will be inspired to venture forth their own spiritual outdoor adventure."


- Jenny L. Cote 

Award-winning Author

The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz and Epic Order of the Seven series.

Indian Rock Cave
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Jeremy is an adventurous 13-year-old boy who loves to explore caves and rappel cliffs with his dad Ben. His younger sister Brooke decides to join them on an adventure that leads them on a treasure hunt that involves an old map, an ancient Indian legend, and an encounter with something wild that howls like a giant wolf. But it's the ending in a dark cave that is most surprising.

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